our ministy history

About the Congregation of Holy Cross of which Fr. Bill Faiella, CSC is a member Holy Cross Priests, Brothers and Sisters were founded in the mid 1800’s by Fr.Basil Anthony Marie Moreau in Le Mans, France. He dedicated them to the Holy Family and called us to be educators in the faith. He wanted the priests of the congregation to serve as auxiliary priests; i.e., clergy who would help parish priests achieve their respective goals by offering retreats and educational programs to the parishioners.

The St. André Inner Healing Ministry (SAIHM) sees itself as doing exactly what the original vision of the founder was. It provides programs, as listed below, to help parish priests develop the faith of there respective parishioners.

St. André Inner Healing Ministry offers pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and days of reflection to all interested but especially to people of low and no income, people recovering from addictions, people with chronic pain and serious diseases and people experiencing various levels of anxiety and depression.

It also reaches out to the family and friends of such people to provide support and encouragement. Sacrementally, it offers Masses for inner healing. Everyone has stress, so there Masses offer a contemplative type experience to help people experience joy and peace as they deal with difficult challenges.

our supper club

The ministry also sponsors Supper Club. People fifty years old or better and exploring happy, healthy and holy ways to engage in the aging process. It is a lot of fun and meets at 6:15 pm on the fourth Saturday of every month at St. Paul’s. Cosme Catering Service (Jeanne and Fred Cosme of St. Paul Parish) provides a most delicious meal.

Guest speakers and entertainers offer participants reasons to celebrate the older years of life. The Supper Club adage is “Age like Sage.” In China, once people reach the age of fifty they are accorded very high respect. Our culture, unfortunately, does not do the same. It glorifies youth, which is a disservice to the youth as well as to others.